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Diablo 3

Postby Erains » Sun May 13, 2012 9:11 pm

Did I read that right? There is going to be real money purchases from the auction house in Diablo 3 ?
I can sell a rare for real money or in game gold? Is this going to be a rare item camp fest 24/7 or a gold farmers paradise?
I have looked at the game and it has my interest. Looks really awesome, But I still have issues with buying gold and items with real money.
I guess it is just another marketing ploy similar to SOE station cash. Do folks still purchase items from ebay?
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Re: Diablo 3

Postby Kix » Sun May 13, 2012 10:19 pm

Yes, D3 supports a real-money auction house. Items can be sold, with Blizzard taking $1. For other resources, Blizzard takes 15%. By default, the money goes to your Battle.net account where it can be exchanged for a handful of services (not WoW time though). If you pay another 15%, you can cash it out via PayPal. And of course, there is a game gold auction house, too.

I was kind of bummed about the $1 minimum on equipment... I'd gladly spend $2-$3 on a new toon to start out with some equipment, but at that price point, I'm not likely to buy much.

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