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Guild update

Postby Emide » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:49 pm

I'm not sure who reads this that is still playing WoW, but just in case someone is I have a bit of news.

Vae Victes will most likely be merging with another guild soon. Some of our top tier players have found another group to join with and it is likely that our active people will be absorbed into theirs.

This is definitely a situation we didn't want to encounter, but our people are finding it decidedly difficult to play the content without key roles filled. Whereas once we were routinely running 2 5-man groups, we are now unable to fill more than 3 with our own people. Turning to LFG is a crapshoot that the members do not wish to keep pursuing.

We intend to make it a stipulation that they name our active people to be officers so that we can reinvite anyone that comes in at a later time. I'll be keeping track of all the names and such to help in this.

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