Loot drops for ops

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Loot drops for ops

Postby Erains » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:26 am

Having not been in a ops group until last thursday, I noticed something that was wierd from other games I have been in. It may have been part of the problem i was having with chat, but not sure. When an item was looted..I did not see anything.
I did see (once the last boss was defeated), that there was a roll on an item...then another roll on another item...but i only saw one persons roll. Was the rolls done automatic? And that person was rolling just to roll? Because i won a roll which i never did. Or did Emali roll for everyone? I do know that I had three items in my inventory, and the first was given to me. Then i won a roll that i have no idea where it came from. Then i did not know i had the third item...I am not sure how that was working.
Another question?..when an item is looted, does a block appear for (need or greed?) Does an ops groups work different than a normal group for looting?
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Re: Loot drops for ops

Postby DarkKnight » Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:45 pm

It depends on how the ops raid is set up. Usually what we do is set a master looter. Usually when we let the tank set out gear. He will loot the boss and he will go piece by piece. The Columi and Rakata pieces are broken down into the different classes. So if something comes up for a Warrior, only warriors are supposed to roll on them, unless all warriors in that phase have that piece of gear or better. In that case, with the guild we are in now, they open it up to a free roll and you can collect the piece and either give it to your companion for the stat bump or sell it. I would say part of your problem was whatever the bug issue was.

Once the master looter delegates the piece of gear to you, there is no need/ greed issue. That bay be why you didn't see the blocks when receiving your gear.
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