moving to The Istari

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moving to The Istari

Postby Cael » Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:15 pm

Hey folks, I finally sat down with the leader of The Istari kinship and he's agreed to take as much of the Ael House folks as we like. I will keep the Ael House around, so that folks that are not very active have a home and also have a place for our inactive characters.

The Istari have really been great so far. They also have a good number of folks online at any one time. Usually I see 2-3 fellowships going, with other people doing their own thing. They seem like good folks and I'm happy with the decision so far.

Dael will be an officer within The Istari, and I'll try to get Rhinokeet promoted. That way we can make sure that you get an invite. Otherwise, you can contact Grimnath/Krago (leader), Staradan, or ask anyone in The Istari for an invite. Just mention Dael, Vael, Gael, Rhinokeet, or Shannon. I'll actually be out on vacation from 10/2 (Tues) through 10/11 and unavailable.

Be sure to register at their web site: ... ID=1588921 :P

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Postby Kix » Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:58 am

Joined up myself last night. Have a good trip, _ael!

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