Optional (Purple) ingredients for crafting

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Optional (Purple) ingredients for crafting

Postby Emide » Sun May 06, 2007 8:26 pm

Here's a list of what profession uses the optional ingredients for crafting. I know there's been quite a few times that I've hard items like these in my inventory but haven't been sure what to do with them or who would use them.

Apprentice Metalsmith: Dirty Bat Claw, Clean Barghest Tail, Dirty Shrew Claw
Journeyman Metalsmith: Secrets of Fortification, Blackened Huorn Root, Dusky Lynx Claw
Expert Metalsmith: Large Warg Tail
Artisan Metalsmith: Grey Wolf Ear, Huge Worm Eye
Master Metalsmith: Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Claw, Dread Turtle Claw, Lethal Turtle Sharp Dread Webb Claw

Apprentice Scholar: Huge Worm Eye, Dirty Neeker-breeker Eye, Dirty Toad Eye, Dirty Spider Eye
Journeyman Scholar: Huge Worm Eye, Blackened Crawler Egg Sac, Blackened Spider Eye
Expert Scholar: Huge Worm Eye, Flawed Huorn Heartwood, Flawed Warg Ear, Flawed Spider Eye
Artisan Scholar Huge Worm Eye, Scarred Worm Eye, Scarred Spider Eye
Master Scholar: Huge Worm Eye, Huge Spider Eye

Apprentice Tailor: Dirty Bat Claw, Dirty Shrew Claw
Journeyman Tailor: Clean Barghest Tail, Dusky Huorn Root
Expert Tailor: Large Warg Tail, Clean Drake Tail, Clean Barghest Tail
Artisan Tailor: Very Sharp Auroch Tail, Huge Drake Tail
Master Tailor: Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed Claw

Apprentice Weaponsmith: Dirty Neekerbreeker Eye
Journeyman Weaponsmith: Blackened Barghest Ear, Dusky Lynx Claw
Expert Weaponsmith: Jagged Bear Claw, Sharp Auroch Tail
Artisan Weaponsmith: Very Sharp Lynx Claw, Huge Drake Tail
Master Weaponsmith: no data?

Apprentice Woodworker: no data?
Journeyman Woodworker: Blackened Huorn Heartwood
Expert Woodworker: Flawed Huorn Heartwood
Artisan Woodworker: Very Sharp Bear Claw
Master Woodworker: Extremely Sharp Cave Claw

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Postby Cael » Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:03 am

I noticed on lotro-crafting.com that the Wight Treasures are used by jewelers. Just another thing to keep track of, but at least I can clear out some inventory!


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